🚨Rumble in the Hills: Landslide Chaos Sends SoCal Residents Scrambling🚧

Here’s the tea, folks ☕. Late Saturday night, Mother Nature came out swinging and caused a massive landslide in a ritzy neighborhood in LA county. This wasn’t a typical ‘SoCal’ Saturday night, folks! Residents had to flee their homes, 12 homes got damaged, 16 people had to scram. The officials, with coffee in hand, started the grind at 6 a.m. on Sunday. Power got cut, and gas crews swooped in to ensure no ruptured lines – ’cause let’s face it, landslides and gas leaks, not the best mix! And as for the reason behind this earthy shakeup, geologists are on their way to play detective.🕵️‍♀️

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, just as LA’s Rolling Hills Estates neighborhood was shaking off the remnants of Saturday night, the earth decided to throw a party of its own. A sudden, dramatic landslide resulted in the rapid evacuation of a dozen homes and put the residents in ‘holy-moly’ mode.

Everyone was safely evacuated, but let’s not forget the surprise these 16 individuals had when they had to trade their cozy beds for an unexpected adrenaline rush. The landslide might have given them a story to tell, but we’re guessing they would’ve preferred to skip this particular adventure.

Imagine being jolted awake by the buzz of fire trucks and sirens. One resident described her experience, “I was sleeping…[I woke up to] a lot of noises and fire trucks, I was very concerned,” she said. “Then I was up most of the night worrying about what’s going to happen.” 🚒💥 Do you think you’d be able to sleep through all that commotion?

When cracks started to appear in one home, officials went from ‘Hmm, this ain’t right’ to ‘Houston, we have a problem.’ LAFD Captain Chiyoshi Hasegawa said, “We got additional specialists to assess the situation, and after assessing the situation we realized there were 12 homes that had received damage either inside of their home or outside of the structure.”

Services were quick to respond, and not just for damage control. SoCal Edison pulled the plug on power in the area, while Southern California Gas Company crews made sure no gas lines had been caught in the crossfire of the landslide. Do you think you could survive without power for an unknown amount of time, relying only on your survival instincts?

Even though no injuries were reported, the landslide has left everyone on edge. Why did this happen? What triggered this mess? Geologists are set to arrive on the scene to uncover the cause behind the landslide – let’s hope they don’t find a giant worm or something! 🐛

So, with all this chaos going around, we’re left with the big question: how would you handle an unexpected natural disaster? Would you pack your bags and leave, or would you stick around to watch your house tilt at a weird angle? 🤔