🚫✊ “Down with Kaïs Saied!” – Tunisia’s Youth Demands More Democracy, Less Dictator Vibes 🤔

TL;DR: Despite sweltering temperatures, opposition in Tunisia makes a stand against President Kaïs Saied’s ever-increasing powers. They want their jailed political buds out and a rollback to the country’s democratic good old days. But hey, wasn’t Saied once a symbol of hope? 🤨

Heatwaves ain’t got nothing on Tunisia’s passionate youth! 💪 On Tuesday, the capital’s main streets echoed with chants against President Kaïs Saied. Exactly two years after he gave the parliament the boot, he’s been on a democracy-downsizing spree. And Tunisians? Not. Here. For. It.

Joining the rally were opposition parties and independent politicians with a clear message: “Down with Kaïs Saied.” 🚫 And while the security crew tried to amp up their presence, the passionate crowd held their ground. 💃🕺

The protesters? They’re here with a list:

“Free our political mates on trial for supposed plots.” 🕊️
“Let’s get back to democracy, pretty please.” 📜
“How about some economic and social improvements too?” 📊

Riadh Chaihbi, a leader with Islamist vibes, dropped some truth bombs: “This ain’t just a coup by Saied, we want democracy back and our opponents freed.”

Rewind to July 25, 2021: Saied decided to dismiss the government, claiming he wanted to pull Tunisia out of a social mess. Fast forward a bit, and he’s brought a new constitution, granting himself some superpowers, and even went on to dissolve the parliament. 🎭

Now, this is the part that gives everyone the chills: Human rights activists have been sounding alarms on arbitrary arrests of critics and judicature interference. And don’t even get us started on Saied’s not-so-cool comments on migrants. 😡

Ahmed Nejib Chebbi, leader of the National Salvation Front, had some hot takes: “Saied’s just made everything worse. We need unity, democracy, and some real solutions. Also, where are the democratic gains we fought for in the 2010-2011 revolution? Saied’s squad can’t even get bread on the table!” 🍞❌

Samira Chaouachi, who was once VP of the now-dissolved parliament, chimed in: “Our democracy is pulling a Houdini, and there’s no dialogue to be found.”

And for a twist: Remember when Saied was seen as this shiny beacon of hope in 2019? The constitutional lawyer bagged a sweet 72% of votes, being hailed as a fresh academic face. But now, as Slaheddine Jourchi, a political analyst pointed out, there’s a collective “What were we thinking?” mood. 😕

So, with all these happenings in the past two years, the big question remains: Did Tunisia trade one autocratic ruler for another? 🤷‍♂️

Hey, young world changers: What’s your take? Is democracy under threat globally, or is this just a phase? 🌍🔥🤔

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide political advice. Always do your research and consider multiple perspectives.