🛥️😱 “Oh Ship!” – Dawn Blaze Turns Philippine Ferry into Floating Inferno 🔥

TL;DR: Passengers and crew members got an unexpected wakeup call when their ferry, the M/V Esperanza Star, turned into a mid-sea barbeque on its voyage from Siquijor province to Bohol province in the Philippines. Coastguard and nearby vessels threw their hats into the ring to rescue those aboard and douse the raging flames. But hey, where were the passengers and crew during all this? We’re still not sure! 🤷

📰 Full Story:

Imagine this. You’re bobbing peacefully on the serene ocean, stars winking above, the rhythmic swish of the waves rocking you to sleep. Suddenly, your dreams are drowned by the deafening alarms, and the scent of your morning coffee is replaced by the sickening smell of smoke. This became a reality for the 120 souls on the M/V Esperanza Star, when the break of dawn brought with it a horrifying inferno.

An ordinary journey from Siquijor province to Bohol province took an extraordinary twist when the ferry found itself in the grip of a monstrous blaze. The Philippine coastguard was quick to respond, launching a vessel to rescue the passengers and extinguish the flames. Photos and videos reveal a ferocious battle between water and fire, with thick, black smoke dancing into the early morning sky. But wait a second – where were the 65 passengers and the 55 crew members during this titanic tussle? 🤔

Unsurprisingly, such sea adventures are not uncommon in the Philippines. The country’s frequent storms, sub-par vessel maintenance, and overpacked boats make for a deadly cocktail. Not to mention the inconsistent enforcement of safety regulations, particularly in remote provinces. But what does it say about the state of maritime safety when these fiery frights become a regular occurrence?

Let’s hop in our time machines for a bit. Earlier this year, a ferry carrying about 250 people off the southern island province of Basilan turned into an all-night barbeque, claiming 31 lives. Now dial it back a few decades to December 1987. The ferry Dona Paz hit the headlines (and a fuel tanker), sinking and taking more than 4,300 lives with it in what’s been dubbed the world’s worst peacetime maritime disaster. Makes the Titanic look like a kids pool party, right? 🙈

These accidents should serve as a siren call to overhaul maritime safety protocols. But it appears the lessons from these tragic tales are sinking faster than the ill-fated vessels themselves. How many more ferries need to become floating bonfires before meaningful changes are made? Is maritime safety a mythical creature in the Philippine archipelago, like a unicorn or a phoenix rising from the ashes?

Remember folks, this ain’t a recommendation or advice, just a call for some introspection. Because in the game of survival, no one wants to play with fire, especially when you’re at sea.

So here’s the million-dollar question: Are we ready to watch and wait for the next maritime disaster, or is it high tide for a safety revolution? ⚓️🔥💭