🤕⚾ Wrist Woes for Yankees Star! Season Over for Trevino? 🧐

TL;DR: Yankees star catcher Jose Trevino’s got a wrist-ouchie that’s probably gonna bench him for the season. Surgery needed! 😮💔

New York’s very own Jose Trevino, that catcher with the Yankees everyone’s been buzzing about? Yeah, he’s got a pretty bad tear in his right wrist. Ouch! And guess what? It’s so bad that it needs surgery. 😱

Now, for all the baseball lovers out there, what this probably means is: no more Trevino action for the rest of the season. Such a bummer, right? 🤷‍♂️

But here’s the twist, Trevino’s been playing with that injury for who knows how long this season! Wait, what? 🤯 How tough do you have to be to push through the pain and still hit those home runs?

“He’s super invested in our team,” someone from the inner circle commented. And man, that’s gotta sting! Imagine being that committed, pushing through the pain and then getting sidelined. It’s like getting to the last level of a video game and then the power goes out. 😩

So, he’s currently chilling on the 10-day injured list. But between you and me, it’s probably gonna be longer than that with surgery in the mix.

Quick flashback: 📽️ Do you remember that game against Kansas City before Friday? That’s when the big announcement dropped, just FYI. Everyone’s been talking about it, and now you’re in the know.

It’s always heart-wrenching seeing passionate players having to take a backseat because of injuries. Especially ones that have been grinding despite the pain. I mean, who can forget that time [other player’s anecdote about a past injury]?

But here’s the million-dollar question (or at least the question that’ll get your group chat buzzing):

What does this mean for the Yankees now? Can they push through without Trevino? What’s your hot take? 🤔