🤨 “Delete This!” – Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Drama: Carlos De Oliveira’s Day in Court! 🎬🏛️

TL;DR: Carlos De Oliveira, the big man running things at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago digs, rocked up in court. Accused of some sneaky-deleting-security-footage business alongside the former Prez, he’s holding out on a plea until he finds himself a Florida lawyer. Drama alert! 🚨📼

Florida’s sun wasn’t the only thing sizzling on Monday. Carlos De Oliveira, the guy in charge of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, strutted into court. If you’re wondering why, here’s the tea ☕️. De Oliveira’s got some charges stacked against him in the classified docs case linked to Trump. Plot twist: he’s not making a peep or entering any plea just yet. Why? He’s still scouting for a local attorney to have his back.

Now, the word on the street is De Oliveira might’ve conspired with Trump to erase some pretty crucial security footage. Investigators have been mad keen on this footage as they dig into Trump’s alleged stash of classified docs at his Florida crib 🕵️‍♂️📁. Just last week, De Oliveira’s name got tossed in the indictment ring along with Trump and his valet, Walt Nauta. The rap sheet? It’s a doozy: think conspiracy to obstruct justice and telling some fibs to the investigators. But did they really try to hit the delete button? 🤔

A Miami judge was having none of that waiting game, so they laid down the law, listing out De Oliveira’s charges and asking for his passport. Oh, and a casual agreement to cough up $100,000 if he goes MIA from court. Date for your diaries: his next court cameo is on 10 August. Save the date! 📅🔒

Hold on, though; the rabbit hole goes deeper. While this case heats up, Trump’s also getting side-eyed for some other post-2020 election shenanigans. The man even got a special ‘you’re our target’ memo from special counsel Jack Smith. Drama much? 😲

In true Trump style, he’s all over his Truth Social platform, vouching for his innocence. He’s claiming those Mar-a-Lago security tapes? Handed them over no fuss and they’re as intact as your grandma’s porcelain collection.👵🏼🍽️ And Nauta? He’s singing the same tune of innocence.

But, here’s where it gets spicy 🌶️: recent reveals suggest Trump might’ve wanted those security tapes gone after some official snooping in June 2022. And what were they looking for? Just some classified stuff Trump might’ve brought back from his White House vacay. Remember those vids of Nauta lugging boxes? Yep, could be key to this whole saga.

Days after the bigwigs requested that Mar-a-Lago footage, De Oliveira was apparently all ears about how long those tapes stay on the server. Why? “The boss” (wonder who?) wanted them gone. De Oliveira’s alleged response when told it might be a no-go? “What are we going to do?” 💼🤷

With FBI finding classified goods in Mar-a-Lago’s storage (and Trump’s office!), the plot thickens. Nauta rang a Trump colleague, seemingly keen to ensure De Oliveira was all good. The reply? Our man Carlos is as loyal as they come. And on that same day, De Oliveira got a direct line from Trump, promising him a lawyer.

But here’s the cliffhanger: Did De Oliveira really fib in his chats with investigators? 🧐

So, the burning question on everyone’s lips: Is De Oliveira just a loyal employee caught up in high-stakes political intrigue, or is there more to the story? And if there’s smoke, is there fire? 🔥 Let’s hear your hot takes! How deep does this Mar-a-Lago mystery go? 🤨🎤💬

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