🥂Paris 2024 Olympics: Bubbles for the Elites, Soda for the Rest🥤

At the Paris 2024 Olympics, VIPs get to live it up with endless champagne while us regular folks will have to sip on sodas and water. Evin’s Law, a French law from 1991, bans the sale of alcohol inside stadiums, but organizers didn’t even try to get an exemption. Hmmm…can you smell that? Smells like a champagne-soaked double standard. 🤔💧


Hey, sports fans! Did you get your tickets to the Paris 2024 Olympics yet? Well, we hope you’re fans of soda, water, and…let’s call it, the ‘simpler things in life’, because that’s what’s on the drinks menu for you.

Evin’s Law, in play since 1991, prohibits alcohol sales in stadiums, keeping the venues all hale and hearty…and apparently, pretty dull for anyone who’s not a VIP. You see, the law does offer room for exemptions—ten events per organizer per year per municipality, to be exact. But, for some reason, the Olympics’ bigwigs decided not to bother.

Now, here’s where it gets fun. Our beloved VIPs, tucked away in their luxurious enclaves, will be treated to all the champagne their hearts desire. 🥂 But for the average Joe and Jane in the bleachers? We’re looking at a steady flow of soft drinks and water. Isn’t that just dandy? 🥤

Don’t get me wrong, we’re all for responsibility, but it’s hard to overlook the distinct smell of double standards. And it smells an awful lot like champagne. 🍾 Maybe it’s not the alcohol they’re worried about, but the possible spectacle of overzealous fans shaking their bottles and showering the unsuspecting crowd with soft drink geysers. 🌊

It’s true, alcohol and sports crowds can be a risky mix. And it’s probably wise to avoid a scenario where overindulgence leads to someone attempting a freestyle sprint against Usain Bolt’s hologram. 🏃 But here’s a radical thought: If that’s the reasoning, why the VIP exception? Surely they aren’t immune to the allure of one too many, right?

So, here we are, face to face with the classic tale of ‘them versus us’. And it’s got us pondering, should we be laughing, crying, or just shaking our heads at this obvious disparity?

Finally, we end this with a burning question for you all: Does this alcohol distinction truly reflect a commitment to health and safety, or is it just another way to distinguish between the VIPs and the average fans? 🤔