🧱 “Brick by Brick” – Dennis Hernandez Plays Hardball with ESPN, Not the Courtroom ⚖️

TL;DR; 🎯 Dennis Hernandez, brother of late Patriots player Aaron Hernandez, has found himself in a spot of bother. Accused of tossing a brick over the ESPN campus fence and playing cat and mouse with the cops, he’s now facing re-arrest after a no-show in court. But the real kicker? The brick had a note attached, with a cryptic message about media responsibility. 🧩

In an audacious move straight out of a Hollywood movie, Dennis Hernandez, the older sibling of the late NFL star Aaron Hernandez, took aim at the sports media giant, ESPN – with a brick, no less. The brother known for once quarterbacking UConn 🏈 in the mid-2000s now finds himself in hot pursuit by the fuzz. What’s he charged with, you ask? A pretty solid case of masonry missile launch at ESPN HQ, followed by an epic game of hide and seek with law enforcement.

Apparently, our man Dennis doesn’t appreciate a courtroom setting either. He gave the court a miss last week, thereby scoring himself a re-arrest order from a judge. The no-show was for his plea entry to a misdemeanor charge of breaching the peace. The irony, right? 🕊️

Now, let’s dig into this brick situation. 🕵️‍♂️ Hernandez, who the police say got to the scene possibly via Uber (who says criminals can’t be environmentally conscious), hurled a bag over the ESPN fence. Inside, a brick and a note. Not exactly a love letter, this note. Instead, it was a call-to-arms for the media to realize the impact they have on families. A “brick by brick” approach, if you will, to “clean up” media messaging. Poetic or prophetic? You decide. 📜

As of Tuesday, Hernandez was still playing ghost with the Bristol police. No lawyers are on record for him, and emails to associated addresses remain unanswered. His younger brother Aaron, a former Patriots tight end, tragically took his own life while serving a murder sentence in 2017.

Oh, and let’s not forget the anonymous tip Bristol police received in March. It expressed concern over Hernandez’s intent to wreck the state Capitol and ESPN property. ESPN’s lips are sealed, beyond stating their cooperation with the police.

So, what’s next in this real-life drama? Stay tuned for the latest updates, as we delve deeper into the bricks-and-mortar saga of Dennis Hernandez. 🍿

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We’re left to ponder, when does a call for accountability in the media become a breach of the peace? Is throwing bricks (literal or metaphorical) the right way to have a constructive conversation about the media’s impact on families? Let’s hear your thoughts! 🤔