🧽🎤 SpongeBob Mystery: Is Ariana Grande’s New Beau Really The Voice Behind The Square Pants? 🤔

TL:DR; No, Ariana isn’t dating the OG SpongeBob voice actor. His wife had to set the record straight after confusing headlines 🤯. Ethan Slater’s the name, and no, he’s not the voice behind the legendary yellow sponge. 🎵🧽

Imagine your husband being the iconic voice behind SpongeBob SquarePants, and suddenly, boom! Headlines splash claiming Ariana Grande’s cozying up with him. 😲 What would you do?

Jill Talley, married to the legendary SpongeBob voice actor, found herself in this very fishy situation. 🐟 See, the thing is, Ariana’s new love interest, Ethan Slater, also has a SpongeBob connection, but he’s not the voice we’ve all come to adore.

Now, imagine reading headlines confusing your husband with Ariana’s boyfriend. What?! Confusing, right? 🤪

Jill had to jump in and clear the muddy waters. On Instagram, she addressed an eyebrow-raising headline from The Cut, which threw a whole lot of fans in a loop. Let’s face it, the internet loves a good conspiracy, especially when pop queens and animated royalty are involved. 🕵️‍♂️💃🧽

To set the record straight: no, Ariana is not dating the voice of our beloved SpongeBob. She’s dating Ethan, and while he’s involved with the SpongeBob franchise, he’s not the OG voice. Can you imagine the dinner conversations if he was, though? 🍔🍟

And let’s not even get started on how that would play out at the Krusty Krab. 😂

Anecdotes aside, we’ve all had those moments when a mix-up led to hilarious outcomes. Remember when Joe from Accounting was mistaken for that male model from the magazine? Okay, maybe not, but you get the drift. 📸

This whole mix-up is a gentle reminder that before we jump on the rumor train, it’s essential to check the station it’s coming from. Also, to the OG SpongeBob actor – keep doing your thing. The pineapple under the sea wouldn’t be the same without you. 🍍🌊

Question Time: So, readers, what’s the wildest rumor you’ve ever heard about a celebrity? And, if you could voice any cartoon character, who would it be? 🎤🎬