A$AP Rocky Drops πŸ”₯ Jams and Throws Shade: Is Travis Scott in the Crosshairs? 😎

TL;DR: A$AP Rocky rocked the stage at Rolling Loud, teasing new tracks from his upcoming album. One song, potentially hinting at a feud with Travis Scott, has everyone’s Twitter thumbs buzzing. πŸŽ΅πŸ€”

Turnt Up News fans, who’s up for some celebrity drama paired with banger tracks? Let’s dive deep, shall we?

At the oh-so-famous Rolling Loud Miami, A$AP Rocky set the stage ablaze with not one, not two, but three unreleased tracks. But hey, there’s more to this story than just a few beats. The track that’s got everyone and their grandma talking? β€œTaylor Swift.” Yeah, you heard that right. 🐍

So, what’s the deal? Why the uproar? It’s all in the lyrics, folks! πŸ“ β€œFirst you stole my flow/ So I stole your bβ€”h/ Then you stole my style/ I need at least 10 percent/ All due disrespect, I hope you take offense,” Mr. Rocky laid down. And who might these juicy verses be directed at? The rumor mill has been spinning, and a popular theory? Travis Scott.

Remember that one time when Rocky sorta-kinda-implied Travis might’ve bitten his style? We sure do. And then there’s the whole Rihanna-Travis dating saga from 2015, way before A$AP and Riri became the power couple they are today, blessing the world with their adorable progeny.

Now, here’s a fun nugget from the past: During a sit-down with Hot 97, Rocky once stated, β€œYou’re hearing it from me, let shorty rock. And let the people decide if he a biter or if he authentic.” 🀷 Sounds like a call-to-action for fans, doesn’t it? Speaking of which, fans did not disappoint. Post-performance, Twitter erupted with tweets comparing the two artists.

@fbgwayno: Idk what happened but asap rocky is most definitely better than travis scott i’m sorry.

@MeowmiSensei: Love you mowgli but ASAP ROCKY ain’t touchin Travis Scott musically.

Now, we’ve got to ask, who’s side are you on? Team A$AP or Team Travis? Or maybe you’re just here for the bops and drama? Either way, Turnt Up News is here for the ride!

But here’s the real question we’re all wondering: Was this track just a marketing genius move for his upcoming album or a genuine display of pent-up feelings? And how will Mr. Scott respond? Your move, Travis. 🍿😏

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