Bam Margera Throws Shade on Steve-O’s Skating Skills: ‘Worst Style Ever?’ 😮🛹

TL;DR; 📌 Bam Margera ain’t here for Steve-O’s skateboarding game. Calling it the “worst style ever”, is this just friendly banter or some real skate shade? 🤔💥

Bam Margera, a name synonymous with skateboarding, pranks, and a bit of wild behavior, has made a cheeky swipe at Steve-O, another legend in the world of “what did they just do?!” When it comes to skateboarding prowess, Bam’s recent comments might just leave you shook.😱

Starting off with the viral video that’s causing all the hullabaloo. Steve-O, always ready to impress (or distress?), dropped a skateboarding video that, let’s just say, wasn’t quite Tony Hawk level. Or according to Bam Margera – wasn’t even close. Margera recently expressed, in his own hilarious and candid style, that Steve-O might just have “the worst skateboarding style he’s ever seen.” Ouch! A critique or a comedic roast? 🍗🔥

Now, if you’ve been living under a rock or, more appropriately, a skateboard, you might be wondering who these two are. Think of them as the elder statesmen of doing ridiculous things, often involving a skateboard, and capturing it all for our gasping pleasure.

It’s intriguing though. Both Bam and Steve-O have shared countless misadventures, and their camaraderie has been a spectacle for many of us. So, was this just a friendly jab in the ribs, or is there some underlying beef? 🥩👀

Remember, though, skateboarding, much like art, is subjective. What’s smooth and stylish to some might seem choppy and unrefined to others. Maybe Steve-O’s style isn’t up to Bam’s standards, or perhaps this is just a classic case of “to each his own.” One might argue – isn’t the whole point of skateboarding to have fun and express oneself? And if that expression involves some wobbly kickflips and questionable balance, so be it! 😂🤷‍♂️

But, let’s not digress too far. The main question looming over this skate saga is – will Steve-O respond with some even more daring skate moves, or maybe a cheeky retort? Whatever the case, the internet is here for it, popcorn in hand, waiting for the next move in this epic skate-off. 🍿🛹

Disclaimer: The content of this article is for entertainment purposes only. Always verify any skateboarding advice or news from professional sources before taking it to the skate park.

Endnote: With all the back and forth, what do you think, folks? Is Bam right in his critique, or should everyone just skate and let skate? What’s YOUR style verdict? 🔍🛹