Beyoncé Switches Lyrics & the Internet is All Ears: Was Lizzo Left Out? 🎤😲

TL;DR: During a recent concert, Beyoncé chose not to mention Lizzo’s name in a song that originally featured her, right after Lizzo faced a lawsuit. Coincidence or shade thrown? 🤷‍♀️

At her recent concert in Boston, while on her ‘Renaissance’ tour, Queen B herself delivered a performance that has got tongues wagging. As she sang ‘Break My Soul (The Queens Remix)’, a sharp-eared crowd noticed something…or rather the absence of something. Despite Lizzo’s name being an integral part of the remix, Beyoncé notably skipped it. Now, for the uninitiated, Lizzo’s mention in this tune is no accident. Her name is written into the track, having been sung by Bey in the past. So, why the switch-up now? 🎧🤔

Remember in verse 3 when Beyoncé lists trailblazing women? Typically, Lizzo makes the cut. However, in this Boston performance, Bey opted to shower some extra love on Erykah Badu, mentioning her four times. Hang on, four times? Doesn’t that seem a tad excessive? Did Lizzo’s spot just go to Erykah? 🎶😯

Now, anyone with an internet connection might connect these dots: The lyric change happened just as Lizzo faced a lawsuit. The accusations? Somewhat saucy ones – that Lizzo allegedly had her backup dancers take part in some risqué cabaret shows. And if that wasn’t spicy enough, she’s also accused of body-shaming one of them. Given the buzz around this, could it be that Beyoncé caught wind of the drama and made a very public, very deliberate choice? Was it shade or merely a change of heart? 🕵️‍♀️🌪

But hold onto your headphones, because there’s another layer to this. There’s some current friction between Erykah and Beyoncé. Word on the street is that Erykah’s thrown some side-eye Beyoncé’s way, accusing her of copying her fashion sense. Some of the outfits Queen B rocked on stage eerily mirror Erykah’s iconic looks. So, with all this back and forth, was Bey’s decision to mention Erykah more a nod to this drama than a dig at Lizzo? 🤨👗

We’re left wondering… Was it merely a chance coincidence, an artist’s prerogative to change up her songs as she pleases? Or does this signal a deeper undercurrent in the music world, hinting at sides taken and alliances shifted? 🎵🤷‍♂️

Disclaimer: This article is not intended as advice, legal or otherwise, and is for entertainment purposes only. Always consult professionals for guidance on any subject matter.

And now, for our audience: What do you think? Is Beyoncé taking sides, or is this just the ever-evolving world of music at play? And more crucially…which side would you pick? 🎤🎉