Dallas Whips Out a Pink-Tastic, DreamHouse-inspired 🍸BAR-bie Experience👠! Who’s Ready to Sip in Style?

TL:DR; 🎀Dallas bar, The Whippersnapper, transforms into a Barbie-themed wonderland, aptly named BAR-bie, creating major nostalgia vibes. The twist? It’s for a limited time only! Pop by between Aug 10 to Sept 30, 2023. No ties to the big-screen Barbie film, just pure fun!🍹

Step into a real-life dream, peeps! Ever wondered what it’d be like to chill in Barbie’s DreamHouse? 🏠✨ Ponder no more. Dallas’ very own The Whippersnapper (locally known as The Whip) is going all out, turning their space into a “live it, love it” BAR-bie experience.

So, for all those looking for an excuse to relive those childhood dreams, mark your calendars! ⏰ It’s on from 10 p.m. August 10, 2023, to September 30, 2023. But hey, why now? Perhaps it’s the big screen Barbie magic that got The Whip inspired. After all, the Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling-starrer Barbie flick just raked in some major box office moolah! 🎬💰

Now, hold onto your high-heeled brunches, folks. This isn’t The Whip’s first rodeo. Remember their “How you doin’?” Friends vibe? 🛋 Or when they turned into a complete fantasy zone with Game of Thrones and Harry Potter themes? They’ve always had a knack for quirky pop-ups that draw fans from all over East Dallas and beyond.

Owners Phil Schanbaum and Brandon Hays were all in for a Barbie theme, saying it was a no-brainer! 🤔 No ties to any of the movies or shows; they’re just here for the nostalgia. For Hays, Barbie is like a blast from the past: “Barbie is so nostalgic. We aim for themes that resonate with a broad audience, and Barbie is just that – a familiar, fun throwback.”

And while we’re discussing the bar scene, Hays and Schanbaum are also behind Double D’s in the Design District. But heads up – BAR-bie won’t be popping up there! 🤪

The movie, which faced its own set of controversies, broke records, clocking in $162 million in the first weekend.🔥 The BAR-bie bar, though not associated with the movie, aims to be its own kind of success. Expect a Corvette bed (whoa!), a wall decked out with Barbie accessories, and cocktails that scream ‘Barbie World’. 🍹💄

But the drinks and decor aren’t the only things tailored to the theme. Guests? It’s time to rummage through those old wardrobes! Dust off that Barbie or Ken costume, or perhaps channel the slightly controversial Midge? Dress to impress! 👗👠

Generosity alert: Bring along any Barbie or related items. These will be donated to the Children’s Medical Center. Talk about sipping for a cause! 🎁

Question for the Discourse: Barbie’s DreamHouse IRL at BAR-bie – a blast from the past or a fresh take on nightlife? And seriously, who’s pulling out their old Barbie gear to pop by? Would you? 🤔👇🏼