Protest Par-Tee 🏌️‍♀️: Charley Hull Throws Shade at “Idiots” Interrupting Women’s Open over Oil Controversy 🛢️

TL:DR; Charley Hull, a favorite at the Women’s Open golf tournament, had her game on the 17th hole interrupted by protestors. The activists were condemning the title sponsor AIG’s alleged involvement in the East African crude oil pipeline (EACOP) project. Five were arrested, but Hull’s frustration was clear, calling the protestors “a bunch of idiots.” The question arises, was this a hole-in-one for climate activists or an out-of-bounds play for the protest’s cause? ⛳🚩

A Swing and a Miss for Protestors?

It all started on a sunny day at the Walton Heath Golf Club in Tadworth, England. Charley Hull was eyeing the 17th hole, contemplating the big win, when suddenly a flare of red and yellow broke onto the green. Five people carrying the flares were arrested for aggravated trespass, and they were believed to be part of Ekō. They were protesting the title sponsor AIG, accusing it of involvement in the $3.5 billion EACOP oil project. But wait, twist alert! Money Rebellion, an Extinction Rebellion branch, later claimed responsibility, while Ekō said, “Not us, mates!”

Here’s a question for you, dear readers: Does the game of golf really need more hazards? 🧐

Hull’s Take on the Interruption

Hull, the home favorite who eventually finished runner-up six shots behind the champion Lilia Vu, was less than amused. She labeled the protestors “a bunch of idiots,” adding a jab about them likely driving to the protest. Ouch! But let’s dig deeper: Was she right to be mad? Hull suffers from asthma and didn’t have her inhaler on her. That flare stuff? “Really thick,” she said. The situation could’ve been dangerous.

Does her personal health concern make her anger more justified? Or was she just teed off? 🤔

Other Voices on the Green

But it wasn’t just Hull speaking up. Her caddie, Adam Woodward, also joined the chorus, describing the protestors as “morons.” The police were quick, though, whisking the protestors away in a cool 60 seconds. A quick response, but did it really address the underlying issue of corporate involvement in controversial oil projects?

What’s the real goal here? Raising awareness or simply causing a scene? 🏌️‍♂️✊

The Climate Activist Angle

In response, Money Rebellion spokesperson Matt Taylor shot back, stating, “AIG continues to enable deadly fossil fuel projects, while climate breakdown is killing millions of people across the world.” It’s the latest in a series of disruptions by climate protestors at English sporting events. Major banks and insurers have pulled out of funding for the pipeline, while AIG remains silent.

Is targeting sports events an effective way to get the message across, or just a way to get under people’s skin? 😲🌍

The Game Goes On

Despite the disruption, the game proceeded. Hull started the final round level with Vu but fell behind as the American player tore away with a victory. Hull’s feelings afterward? “Deflated.” She’s ready to work on her game, aiming for a major win next year. But did the protestors throw her off her game or simply expose a broader issue?

What’s the balance between personal achievement and public awareness? 🏆💡


In the end, the Women’s Open came to a close with Lilia Vu triumphant and Charley Hull left to ponder both her game and the unexpected interruption. The protest, meanwhile, raises questions about the line between activism and disturbance.

As we reflect on this clash between sports and activism, let’s ponder this: Is a golf course the right place to drive home a message about climate change, or are these activists just playing out of bounds? And where do we, as spectators and citizens, draw the line between supporting a cause and respecting the game? 🏌️‍♀️🌿

Your thoughts, dear readers?