Putin’s Big Move: “Dad and Mum” Only? 🤔💍

TL;DR; Putin takes a traditional twist, looking to put a lid on same-sex marriages in Russia’s constitution. Plus, some extra toppings on this legislative pizza – God, WWII, and a lil’ something about Crimea. 🍕✝️🌍

In a bold move that’s got everyone chattering, Vladimir Putin has dropped a rather interesting draft amendment. This sizzling document proposes that Russia’s constitution should only recognize marriage as an exclusive club for a man and a woman. 🕺💃 Wait, it’s 2023, right?

But that’s not all folks. As we dive deeper into this 24-page Pandora’s box, it gets spicier. Putin wants Russia to don the mantle of the “successor to the Soviet Union”. Not just that, he’s all in for a dash of divinity, suggesting that the constitution should nod to Russians’ “faith in God”. 🙏✨ Is Putin getting a spiritual makeover?

Now, every good story has a plot twist, and here’s ours: the proposed amendments also want to strictly prevent Russian territory from being handed over to foreign powers. Now, considering the past drama around Crimea, this is definitely more than just a footnote. 🌍🚫

So, where’s this all coming from? Pyotr Tolstoy, a vice-speaker in the Duma (that’s the Russian parliament’s lower house for those who dozed off in their history class), seemed pretty chuffed about the whole marriage proposal (not that kind, the legislative one!). 🎤 “For me,” he declared, “the most important proposal would fix the status of marriage as a union between a man and a woman”. And the cherry on top? “And I am happy that this amendment has appeared under the signature of the head of state.” 🍒

Now, let’s rewind a bit. Russia’s been rocking the same constitution since 1993 (that’s like, before Wi-Fi!). Putin broke the news earlier this year that it’s high time for a revamp. Some say it’s his sneaky way to cling onto power post-2024 when his presidential clock times out. ⏰💡

But wait, there’s more. Come mid-April, Russia’s planning a nationwide vote on these amendments. With Putin putting his weight behind these changes, chances are they might just slide right through. After all, he’s been leaning more and more conservative during his latest presidential term. Not to forget, he’s got patriotic groups and the Russian Orthodox church giving him some hearty high-fives. 🙌⛪️

Did someone mention same-sex marriage? Well, Putin’s stance crystalized after a speech to politicians last month. “As far as ‘Parent No 1’ and ‘Parent No 2’ goes… There will be Dad and Mum,” he firmly stated. 👩‍👩‍👦❌

So, here’s the million-ruble question: In a world that’s rapidly evolving, is Putin’s move a timely reflection of Russian values or a step back in time? 🚀🔄

And a parting thought for all you thinkers out there: Should countries adapt their constitutions to global progressions, or is it their right to stick to traditional values? 🌐🔄 Let the debates begin! 👇🔥