Texas Teacher Gets the Boot for Attending a Drag Show… Seriously? πŸ€”πŸ‘ 

TL;DR; A Texas teacher with 20 years under her belt at a Christian school attended a drag show. She posted a fab photo with the drag queens on Facebook and surprise, surprise got fired. 😲🀷

Once upon a time in Baytown, Texas, Kari Maris, a much-loved physical education instructor, decided to attend a sing-along drag show at Hamburger Mary’s. Yes, a drag show, the kind where fabulous queens don larger-than-life wigs and heels taller than your average pint glass. She went with a fellow coworker and had the audacity to… wait for it… have fun. And like any person living in the age of social media, she decided to post a picture of their glittery night out with the queens, exclaiming they had a “blast.”

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Cool, sounds like a fun night out!” But hold your horses – or should we say high heels? Because here’s where things get a tad dicey. Not long after the heels were kicked off and the wigs were set down, Maris and her mysterious co-worker, who’s opted for anonymity (can’t blame her), were told they were acting “ungodly” and were summoned by their school board.

Say what now? 🀨

Remember, Maris has been with First Baptist Academy for almost two decades. Yet, attending a drag show on her private time is suddenly a school board issue? And here’s the kicker: she was outright fired for it!

Remember those “Choose your own adventure” books? Well, here’s a new one: β€œChoose your own moral compass.” Does a night out at a drag show dictate one’s ability to educate? More so, where does one draw the line between personal life and professional consequences?

Oh, and here’s a gem: Maris expressed her astonishment to local outlets, admitting she had no idea that attending a drag show privately could be considered “bad” or “ungodly” by the school. Because, you know, having fun on your own time is such a crime, right?

Drawing on a real-life example, remember when Ellen DeGeneres attended an NFL game with George W. Bush and received backlash? Just two people enjoying a game. Similar vibes, right?

🚫 Disclaimer: This report isn’t a recommendation or advice on how schools should operate or how teachers should spend their leisure time. Just some juicy, thought-provoking content!

So, let’s wrap this up and get to the juicy part: The Discussion. Does an individual’s private life choices, especially ones made out of the classroom, determine their professional capabilities?

And to leave you with a burning question for those late-night discussions: Should personal leisure activities dictate one’s professional future? What do you think? 🧐🍿