Time-Slippin’ Loki: New Season, Who Dis? 🕰️✨

TL:DR; Owen’s stache, Loki’s hair, and time slippin’ shenanigans. MCU’s latest trailer for “Loki” Season 2 is making waves. And did someone say… green pie? 🥧💚

Remember when you accidentally time-traveled and disrupted the space-time continuum? No? Well, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki sure does. This guy is thrashing around on screen like he’s on a caffeine binge, all thanks to what’s casually referred to as “time-slipping.” But wait, isn’t that supposed to be a big no-no in the TVA? 🚫🌀

Now, imagine having Owen Wilson as your sidekick with that perfectly combed mustache, potentially uttering “Wow” every time you chomp down on a slice of mysteriously green pie. Sound fun? 🥧😲

But here’s the kicker, Loki and Agent Mobius (our dear Owen) are not dancing through time alone. Enter OB, played by the iconic Ke Huy Quan (an Academy Award-winning actor, no biggie). Seems OB is all familiar with these multiverse hijinks, but he’s new to this particular MCU party. 🎭🌌

Now, don’t get it twisted. Time-slipping might sound like a new dance move, but it’s causing a real headache for our duo. They’re on a mission (surprise!) to fix this rip in time. I mean, Spidey, was that you again causing these space-time rips? 🕷️🕸️

Adding a sprinkle of déjà vu, Jonathan Majors is back as a version of Kang (or as some might cheekily say, the guy with the most original name in a time travel story). But, uh-oh, before Loki comes to play in October, Majors is facing some real-world issues, with a trial set for August. Reality can sometimes be trickier than fiction, eh? 🤷‍♂️⚖️

So, MCU fans, as we countdown to October 6th, the big question remains: With all this time-slipping, space-time continuum fixing, and green pie-eating… will our beloved characters ever find their way back to the present? Or are they forever destined to dance through time? 💃🚀

And, speaking of dancing… anyone else now curious about how green pie tastes? Asking for a friend. 🥧🤔🤤

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide any recommendations or endorse any shows. Always take pop culture news with a grain of salt. Or better yet, with a slice of green pie. 🥧🚫📺

What’s your take? Does “time-slipping” sound like your kind of weekend activity, or would you just stick to the green pie? 🤪🥧👀 Let’s discuss! 🗣️🎤