When Golf Becomes The Second Most Interesting Game: Larsa & Marcus Turn Up the PDA Heat! 🔥🏌️‍♂️💋

TL:DR; The golf course became a runway for romance as Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan turned up the PDA at DJ Khaled’s charity event. Who said golf was all about the clubs? 💖🤔

Ah, the green fields of golf: known for a calm environment, polite clapping, and… passionate displays of affection? 😜 Wait, what? Yep, you read that right. The golf course recently turned into Cupid’s playground as Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan decided to redefine what we know as a ‘hole-in-one’.

Attending DJ Khaled’s debut charity golf event, the couple seemed less engrossed in the birdies and more into each other. Is this the new trend? Ditching the PGA for PDA? 🙈

The charity event, which had its own inaugural importance, took a romantic twist with these two lovebirds. Maybe they were just trying to keep warm, or perhaps they’re starting a new golf trend: the “PDA Handicap.” Who knows? 🤷‍♂️

While the birdies, eagles, and albatrosses are the typical highlights of a golf game, Larsa and Marcus made sure that their love story stole the spotlight. With every swing and putt, they couldn’t resist getting closer and expressing their affection for each other. Aww! 😍

Now, this could be seen as a mere moment of passion, or it could be setting the stage for more such romantic golf escapades. Imagine, the once-serene golf courses turning into spots for date nights and romantic getaways. What a time to be alive! 😂

On a serious note, the main aim of the day was charity. So, while love was in the air, the main goal was still to raise funds for a noble cause. And isn’t that the best kind of event? One where you can both make a difference and have fun? Kudos to DJ Khaled for putting together such a brilliant gathering. 👏

For those who’ve always found golf a tad bit tedious or boring, this might be your calling. Golf with a side of love. And if Larsa and Marcus are anything to go by, this game just got a whole lot more interesting. Are they the new power couple in town? Or just a pair having fun? Only time will tell. 😏

And while we’re all for love and romance, here’s something to ponder upon: Should there be a limit to PDA on the golf course? Or should we just let lovebirds be lovebirds? 🤔

Provoking Question: What do you think? Is it time for golf to loosen up and embrace the PDA? Or should it stick to the good old swing and putt? Let’s hear your take! ⛳💘