“Wolf Pop Hits 1K! 🐺: Wisconsin’s Got a Brand New (Wolf) Plan, But Is It Lit? πŸ”₯”

TL;DR; πŸ“œ: Wisconsin’s wolf management goes remix! New draft says, β€œLet’s keep wolf numbers around 1,000!” But why the magic 1K? And what’s everyone barking about? πŸΊπŸ€”

Ah, Wisconsin. Land of cheese, the Packers, and… wolves? Yep! πŸ§€πŸˆπŸΊ The state’s wildlife officials just dropped a new track – I mean, a wolf management plan – suggesting they keep the wolf population bouncing around a cool 1,000.

Rewind to 1999! πŸ“Ό The state was all about capping the wolf count at 350. But fast forward to today, and wolf numbers are thrice as nice! And by β€œnice”, we mean they’re feasting on some pets, hunting dogs, and livestock. Hunters and farmers? They’re like, β€œHey, we remember that 350 number!”. Animal rights peeps? Not so thrilled. 😾

Now, some context. A draft was released last November which played coy – no specific number targets. But, GOP and the community weren’t dancing to that tune. State Rep. Chanz Green and state Sen. Rob Stafsholt tried to make a move, introducing a bill asking the DNR to set a clear wolf number.

Fast-forward to the DNR’s latest remix: While they still didn’t give a straight-up number (maybe they’re playing hard to get?), they did lay down some beats:

πŸ“‰ Wolves under 799? Pump up those numbers!
πŸ“Š Between 800-999? Chill or maybe let them grow a tad.
πŸ“ˆ 1,000-1,199? We’re good, or maybe dial it down.
🚫 Over 1,200? Hit the brakes!

Randy Johnson, the brain behind the plan, says the real jam is making the right decisions with the info they’ve got. Good point, RJ! But is everyone in rhythm with this track? 🎡

The hunting community has their beef. Back in 2012, ex-Governor Scott Walker introduced an annual wolf hunt. Controversial? You bet! Some farmers and ranchers are just trying to save their livestock from becoming wolf snacks. In dollars, the DNR’s forked out about $3.2 million for wolf-induced damages since 1985. πŸ’Έ But, animal rights advocates and the local Chippewa tribes? They’re anti-hunt. Last official wolf hunt? February 2021. Hunters went wild, overshooting the quota with 218 wolf kills in just 4 days! 🎯

But then, plot twist! A judge in 2022 was all like, β€œWolves? Endangered species!” and BAM! No more hunting. The Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association’s two cents? Yet to be shared.

As for the tribes? They’re scratching their heads, thinking, β€œWhy cap it at all? Why not let nature do its thing?” Good question, right?

Disclaimer: 🚫 This is not advice or endorsement. Turnt Up News just drops the beats and the news! Always do your own groove and make informed choices. πŸ’‘

So, Wisconsin, what’s the vibe? With this new plan on the table, will the wolf jam be a hit or miss? And really, in a world with so many challenges, should we be setting limits on nature at all? What’s your howl on this? πŸΊπŸŽ€πŸ”Š