Zoom Zoom! Jake Hughes Charges Up Indoor Tracks and Breaks World Records 🚗💨

TL;DR; British Formula E driver Jake Hughes just shattered the indoor speed record, reaching 218.71kph in London’s ExCeL Centre. The previous record was 165.20kph. This electrifying feat was done with the Gen3 racecar. But the question remains, can he top this next season? 🤯🔥

Deep inside London’s ExCeL Centre, a space more commonly associated with conventions than crazy car stunts, a groundbreaking event took place. Jake Hughes, hailing from the UK and known for his Formula E prowess, has now added a new accolade to his name. 🏆

A duel ensued between Hughes and Lucas di Grassi, a Brazilian Formula E champ from the 2016-17 season. Instead of boxing gloves or a tennis court, this showdown took place on a 346-meter straight path inside the ExCeL Centre. Talk about a unique venue for some electric car action! ⚡🛣️

But wait… 🤔 Why was this showdown such a big deal? Well, Hughes didn’t just try to outdo di Grassi. He aimed to shatter a world record, and shatter it, he did!

Remember the time when U.S. driver Leh Keen zoomed through the New Orleans Convention Centre in 2021 with a Porsche Taycan Turbo S, setting a record of 165.20kph? Yeah, that was the number to beat.

But there’s a twist in the tale! 🌀 Every record attempt has to meet some strict conditions. As per the sophisticated peeps at Guinness World Records, the car needs to start and finish its run from a complete standstill, and all the action has to be indoors. Sounds simple, right? But imagine hitting speeds of over 200kph indoors! 😲

Hughes, ever the professional, warmed up with runs of 214.80kph, 215.05kph, and 217.65kph. He described the experience as “very fast” (I mean, duh!) with the Gen3 racecar screeching around the opening bend before it accelerated furiously down the straight stretch. Di Grassi, not one to be left behind, showcased his skills with practice runs reaching as high as 218.18kph.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate that electrifying atmosphere? The hum of the car, the screech of the tires, and the thrilling anticipation of witnessing a new record. It’s a gearhead’s dream! 🌠🚗

However, even in such intense duels, there’s only one who takes the crown. In this case, it was Hughes. He set a blistering pace of 218.71kph. Yep, you read that right. That’s faster than most of us drive on highways, and he did it indoors!

This electrifying event was just a precursor. The ExCeL Centre, with its sprawling 2.09km track, will be hosting the final two rounds of the season over the weekend. And if this record is any indication, the upcoming races are sure to be thrilling.

So, as we gear up (pun intended!) for more exhilarating events, one thought remains:

With drivers like Hughes pushing the limits of what’s possible in the world of electric car racing, where do we go from here? And more importantly, will anyone dare to challenge Hughes’ newly set record next season? What’s your take? 💭🔥